it was still pretty early in the day when we left the old and abandoned torpedo testing range in arrochar.

we continued north and west to arrive at the rest and be thankful pit stop. what an incredible view of the beginnings of the Scottish highlands.

after parking my car we roamed around in the trees, walked through the marsh getting our feet soaked and most importantly, let some fresh air into our chests.



Wilderness. by frenchscotjeff


♡ SONGS FOR LEVI ♡  → ( listen )

songs erwin would probably put on a gross lovey-dovey mix tape full of crappy 80s/90s pop for levi

tracklist // 1. never gonna give you up - rick astley 2. lover boy - billy ocean 3. it’s a love thing - the whispers 4. baby, i love you - the ramones 5. nothing’s gonna stop us now - jefferson starship 6. physical - olivia newton-john 7. pour some sugar on me - def leppard 8. do you wanna touch me (oh yeah) - joan jett 9. take my breath away - berlin 10. maybe i’m amazed - paul mccartney 11. the prettiest star - david bowie